The Roepke Lecture in Economic Geography was established to honor the late Professor Howard G. Roepke, who served on the faculty at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from 1952 until 1985. The lecture is presented annually at the Association of American Geographers conference, with support from the Department of Geography at the Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Economic Geography/Clark University, and the Economic Geography Specialty Group. Roepke Lectures are subsequently published in Economic Geography.


Below is a list of the Roepke lecturers from 1987 onward. You can visit the Abstracts page to read all of the abstracts. Videos for talks from 2012 on can be viewed on this Wiley site, and are shared below as well.

Nancy Fraser, The New School for Social Research (2017 Roepke Lecturer)
From Exploitation to Expropriation: Geographies of Racialization in Historical Capitalism
To be published in Economic Geography

Amy Glasmeier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016 Roepke Lecture)
Boots on the Ground, Who is Footing the Bill? The Human Costs Of Modern Warfare: American Military Forces and the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
To be published in Economic Geography

Janie Peck, University of British Columbia (2014 Roepke Lecturer)
The right to work and the right at work
Watch it here

Linda McDowell, Oxford University (2014 Roepke Lecturer)
The Lives of Others: Gendering Labour Geography
Watch it here

Gordon L. Clark, Oxford University (2013 Roepke Lecturer)
Financial Literacy in Context
Forthcoming in Economic Geography

Dani Rodrik, Harvard University (2012 Roepke Lecturer)
Who Needs the Nation State?
Published in Economic Geography in January 2013, 89(1)
Watch it here

Trevor Barnes, University of British Columbia (2011 Roepke Lecturer)
Notes from the Underground: Why the History of Economic Geography Matters: The Case of Central Place Theory
Published in Economic Geography in January 2012, 88(1)
Watch it here

David Harvey, City University of New York (2010 Roepke Lecturer)
Crises, Geographical Disruptions and Hegemonic Shifts
Published in Economic Geography, January 2011, 87 (1)

Ron Martin, University of Cambridge (2009 Roepke Lecturer)
Rethinking Regional Path Dependence: Beyond Lock-in to Evolution
Published in Economic Geography January 2010, 86 (1)

Michael Storper, LSE, UCLA, and Sciences Po (2008 Roepke Lecturer)
Regional Context and Global Trade
Published in Economic Geography January 2009, 85 (1)

AnnaLee Saxenian, University of California, Berkeley (2007 Roepke Lecturer)
Venture Capital in the “Periphery”: The New Argonauts, Global Search and Local Institution Building
Published in Economic Geography October 2008, 84 (4)

Ann Markusen, University of Minnesota
The Place and Politics of the Creative Class


There were no Roepke Lectures from 1995 to 2005.

Risa Palm, University of Oregon
Catastrophic Earthquake Insurance: Patterns of Adoption
Published in Economic Geography April 1995, 71(2): 119-131

Peter Dicken, University of Manchester
Global-Local Tensions: Firms and States in the Global Space-Economy
Published in Economic Geography April 1994, 70(2): 101-128

Allen J Scott, UCLA
The Collective Order of Flexible Production Agglomerations: Lessons for Local Economic Development Policy and Strategic Choice
Published in Economic Geography July 1992, 68(3): 219-233

Larry S Bourne, University of Toronto
Recycling Urban Systems and Metropolitan Areas: A Geographical Agenda for the 1990s and beyond
Published in Economic Geography July 1991, 67(3): 185-209

Eric Sheppard, University of Minnesota
Modeling the Capitalist Space Economy: Bringing Society and Space Back
Published in Economic Geography July 1990, 66(3): 201-228

Brian J L Berry, University of Texas at Dallas
Comparative Geography of the Global Economy: Cultures, Corporations, and the Nation-State
Published in Economic Geography January 1989, 65(1): 1-18

Gerard Rushton, University of Iowa
Location Theory, Location-Allocation Models, and Service Development Planning in the Third World
Published in Economic Geography April 1988, 64(2): 97-120

William A V Clark, UCLA
Urban Restructuring from a Demographic Perspective
Published in Economic Geography April 1987, 63(2): 103-125